Attn: Parents of Children With Mild Learning Difficulties

Improve your child’s confidence even if your child doesn’t think they are smart enough to succeed in school.

Without causing more stress, time-consuming and expensive therapy that produces small or no gains.

building child confidence intensive workshop


*Plus get our “8 Secrets to Raising Highly Successful Kids!” guide.

are you struggling with...

A child with learning difficulties.

A child who isn't doing well in school so they give up even trying.

Losing patience in dealing with the stress that develops.

A child who feels they aren't good enough.

Feelings of frustration watching your child struggle.

Tension that's growing between you and your child.

If so, you need to join this live workshop series. After you participate in this intensive workshop, you will have the tools you need to improve your child’s confidence, so that they are happier and more motivated to learn.

it's time to help your child feel successful despite their learning difficulties.

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2. watch from your home

3. get clarity and inspiration

What makes this Intensive workshop so Special?

It’s all about the coaching.

On the Livestream, you will learn how to…

Learn how to strategically identify your child's strengths to better support their psychological needs.

Build resilience to help your child better recover from setbacks.

Nurture your child’s strengths to build their self-confidence.

Leave with the tools you need to improve your child's confidence, so that they are happier and more motivated to learn.

Meet your guide

Hello! I’m Jessika Shields,

I know how frustrating and stressful it can be to worry day in and day out about your child’s well-being.

We all want the best for our children, so when we see them struggle and lose hope or feel defeated because of something they can’t help, it can cause us, as parents, to lose hope or feel defeated, too.

As a Licensed Educational Psychologist, I’ve helped 100’s of parents focus on their child’s strengths and have guided them in getting the right support in place that help their children with learning difficulties be successful in the classroom and beyond.


You can successfully help your child build confidence and be more motivated to learn.

Do you have the right tools and support you need to improve your child’s confidence, so that they are happier and more motivated to learn.

If not, your child becomes more at risk for developing clinical depression and other mental health disorders.

At Stronger Minds, Stronger Youth, we know that you want your child with a mild learning disability to be highly successful.

In order to do that, your child needs to feel confident in their ability to do well in school.

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